About wonderful lyrics

What is Music?

Music is a form of art and it is an integral part of life. It is connected with our emotions.
Everyone love and like the music today and use to listen as per their emotions, anger, entertainment. People not always like the same music, It depends on their mood, what they are feeling internal and how they are facing their conditional life.

The word Music is taken from the Greek word meaning mousike. Mousike means the artof Muses. In Ancient Greece, the Muses included the goddesses of art dance etc.

Harmonic frequencies which give us pleasure and hit our heart directly without any visible connection. Music is like a global languagewhich can understand all of us. It is independent.

A drop of water, singing a bird, blowing a wind, flowing a river if these all happen in its same time with the same frequency on its own, then this gives us also a pleasant which is also a musician.

So, each harmonic frequency tone combined into a pleasing tune which we defined as music. There are many types of Musical instruments such as Guitar, Piano, Drums, Violin etc.

Why Music?

We can say that Music is like a food without it we will unable to live. It gives us a new life sometime.
If you lost your love, It gives you a way to live.

If you frustrated, It shows you a process to get overcome your issues, If you tired, you can relax by listening to a melody music, If you want to enjoy then also you will have music.

We use music even in the temple, churchetc. We can know the condition as per music types weather people are enjoying a Birthday party or funeral ceremony.
So, we can say that a music is a part of our life.


Before composing a music

Before composing a music, we need to have written the content of the song like a poem or story.
A music always has a hidden story of true lovers, true friends, problems faced by a person or a national song.

The content we make ready as before composing a music called lyric (s).
Lyrics need to understand the meaning of music which is sing by a singer.
A lyrics writer writes the song lyric and the singer and musician compose the music together.


No one lyrics Website or Blog?

There are lots of music or lyrics websites like lyrics.com, lyricsmint.com etc. Which are very famous lyrics websites where you can find much more song lyrics. We stared the wonderfulLyrics blog (website) for many reasons.

So why wonderfulLyrics?

As we know, music has great meanings. It protracts the culture, religion, dresses up, style of a custom, era, language etc. Everyone has a freedom to compose, write or sing a song. It doesn’t have a law to follow. But we have to sing or compose a music in such a way that people like it.

So, we have fully focused on Nepali song lyrics firstly to make a great collection of very old to the newest song completely of a singer. Focused on clear and clean content with the optimized website with free.

We also compose, remix and write our own lyrics for the new song which we keep posted on our blog.
wonderfulLyrics always try to provide the best and best service. We are working hard to make the great song lyrics collection.

Our team never copy the content from other websites, we listen to the music and write the lyrics again. You can visit the privacy & Policy page to get more details about it.

History of wonderfulLyrics

Initially, we as a musical group start learning some musical instruments for the upcoming our yearly programme. We decided to learn some old Nepali songs and at least two or more Nepali pop songs. Our team member(s) were very excitement started to gather, listen and writing the lyrics.

But we suffered from some words which we were unable to detect the exact word. So, we google lots more to get those songs lyrics. We able to find the lyrics but some of the lyrics websites couldn’t meet our need.
We kept searching at least two weeks and searching…

Finally, our musical team decided to develop our own lyrics website so we and other people would not be suffered more like us.
And then we search for some domain name, finally, we decided to take the name wonderfulLyrics.com. Purchased a shared server so we can upload our files to make it worldwide. After hard working 21 days we launched wonderfulLyrics.com with a great achievement.

Initially, we were very confused that develop this blog our own and after we search for a CMS so we can keep post lyrics daily. If we had to build our own cms, It would take more time and also money. So, we chose the wordpress.org (A famous CMS in twenty sixteen).

It provides us with lots of features which we actually need.
So, today we have our lyrics blog which is updating and posting daily at least one or more lyrics on the following topics.

  • Nepali old songs lyrics
  • Nepali Old pop songs
  • Nepali lorry songs lyrics
  • Nepali latest songs lyrics
  • Hindi old songs lyrics
  • and we also focus on English songs lyrics

We trying to protracted and keep alive all the old and new songs in many languages.
Everyone can join us in the register (link) and they can start posting their own written lyrics. After the post, our team will approve your lyrics and will available in wonderfullyrics.com.
You can also contact us(link) for further information. We welcome all the people who are very passionate and think music is our part of life.